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Personal Protection Specialties has been in business since 2003, and has been instrumental in helping WI. Achieve The Concealed Carry Law. We can come to you! or you can come to us! Private class in your own home!

NRA and MN BCA Certified Instructors

We specialize in teaching
Concealed Carry Classes and Special Weapons Tactical courses along with NRA Pistol and safety training classes in Cadott, WI. We cover all of Wisconsin and West Central Wisconsin Specifically.

We are Certified by the NRA and the MN BCA as Instructors that qualifies us as a National and State Organization WIS ADMIN CODE JUS 17.03[8] [13] according to Wisconsin Personal Protection Act 2011 175.60[5](A) We are also listed as Registered Instructors with US Carry Organization.

Michael Walker - Lead Instructor

NRA Certified Instructors and MN BCA Certified Organization, we are allowed to teach and actually able to mastermind and create our own Courses. We also Teach Instructors, Students and also Law Enforcement and Military Personal. We specialize in Wisconsin Permit to Carry Instruction and Also Basic Pistol and Firearms.

Michael's Training involved being a 6 Year Air Force Security Police Veteran while in the military he trained many security officers in Security Police Tactics, Fire Team Tactics, Base and Installation Security Systems for Nuclear Security, Use of Deadly Force. Trained in M-16, M203 Grenade Launchers, M60 Machine Gun Small handgun Marksman, Michael Also participated in many special operations with Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations)

Brenda Walker - Instructor

Brenda Walker was trained as a Personal Protection Specialties Instructor in 2003, she brings a unique Woman's viewpoint and offer's her expertise as to how concealed weapons apply to women in a real world situation with them. Men are encouraged to bring their wife's girlfriend's, significant other to our course. Many other courses do not offer anything to women and their special considerations in regard to concealed carry. Most courses only apply to men and their big guns. So feel free to encourage your wife or girl to come, she will thank you. later and you will be a hero!