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Wisconsin Concealed Carry Class $99

Wisconsin Permit Only, we can come to you and do it at your location, or one of your choosing with your friends or Family.

WI + Multi State Class $125

Includes Wisconsin Permit training, plus Training Certificate to be able to apply to other states, for a Total of 36-38 states.

Wisconsin Concealed Carry /Mn Instructor Course $350

Be an Instructor! Teach the below skills and information on CCW Carry all materials are provide for you Student Packets and Forms.

These classes will meet the certification training requirements for the 2011 Wisconsin CWP as stated in SB93 Act 35 Section 175.60 (4b/4c/4e).
**WI residents MUST still have a training course of some type**
Statement from DOJ and MN Requirements

The Conceal Carry Class we offer is available for basic pistol and will comply with Wisconsin statues to obtain your concealed carry permit.

it provides hands-on orientation to yours or our action type of pistol in as little as four hours. Our instructor will assist you and provide tips to get you to level of proficiency you would like to obtain

Topics covered in the course include:

Pistol Cartridges & Components
Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling (one or the other)
a) Semi-Automatic Knowledge
b) Revolver Knowledge
Gun Safety Rules
Pistol Operation
Ammunition Malfunctions
Maintenance and Cleaning
Holster Selection/Concealment Techniques
a) Safety and responsibility by law of firearms around children
b) Restricted Carry Areas
c) Weapons Laws
d) Shoot/Don't Shoot Scenarios/Use of Force and Justification